Beauty and the Beast review!

The moment I knew that Disney was making a Beauty and the Beast live action remake, I must say I was nervous. I always get apprehensive over remakes as I think the original films are always the best! There’s something about old Disney timeless classics that just can’t be beaten…I think I get too emotionally attached if I’m honest. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how good the live action remake of Beauty and the Beast was!


(Credits: MediaStinger, 

First of all, can we just talk about Dan Steven’s singing voice! I didn’t realise it was going to be that good!, I mean I knew he played quite a big part in Downton Abbey but I was seriously blown away by his voice! Especially in his solo Evermore – wow! If you can recall in the animated version, the Beast doesn’t really sing much and has no songs where he is the main performer. But the movie changed that, adding an original tune by Alan Menken, for Dan to sing called “Evermore.” Personally I think Dan sings it better than Josh Groban in the soundtrack but thats just my opinion!

Also can we please talk about ‘Be our Guest’ – who knew it could get any more spectacular than the animated film version! Before I went to see the film I knew I wanted to be wowed by this moment as the original ‘Be our Guest’ sequence is definitely one of my all time favourite Disney moments. But Ewan McGregor’s french accent just sold it for me. I just wanted to get up and applaud the ‘Be Our Guest’ sequence, it made me feel like a child again. I felt as if I was in a theatre, not a cinema!

be our guest.gif

(Credits: The Odyssey Online,

I also was slightly apprehensive about Emma Watson’s singing voice, as the soundtrack sounded rather auto tuned in places. However even though Emma was well casted as Belle, she will forever be Hermione Granger in my heart…Potter fans are you with me?!

belle vs hermione.png


I would highly recommend you see this movie, you’ll fall in love with Disney all over again!…but seriously please bring your tissues, you’ll be in for a tearjerker I tell you!

Until next time,

K x


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