University – Part One – Living at home or living in.

It’s strange to think that it’s over a year since I applied to UCAS with my top 5 university choices, what an ordeal that was. Wow, a year ago, I feel old. The pressure of making up your mind about where the right place to study for you quickly becomes real. So I thought how can I use my experience to help you guys out?

Firstly, consider whether you want to live at home or at university? For many, independence is one of the main reasons students look forward to going to university. But with freedom comes responsibility! For me, I knew I wanted to live at home. However this isn’t the case for everyone so before you head off to university you need to make sure you are prepared with the basics whether you live away from home or not.

Can you clean, wash and cook? Get to grips with the basics if you move away from home before you even think about living independently, as one of the more daunting aspects of university is the practical side of living independently.

If you are concerned about living independently at university, maybe you need to look at universities closer to home so that you can visit home easily if you want to. The first year of university can be a scary place, and living away from home doesn’t suit everyone.

Living at home during university can give you the ‘best of both worlds’ but a downside can be commuting everyday. I’ve been fortunate enough to purchase a car recently which has made a huge difference with travel and that has helped me.

At the end of the day the decision whether you want to stay at home and commute to university each day or live in halls or other accommodation is up to YOU. Try to forget about expectations and your friends opinions when making decisions, because at the end of the day it’s all about doing what is right for you.

Until next time,

K x


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