My favourite makeup staples

Everyone has products that work for them. The products that you would happily reach for everyday over everything else. I thought I’d let you into a secret about some of the staples I couldn’t live without on a daily basis!


I’ve have struggled with acne for many years, but I realised that using multiple pieces of skincare doesn’t always work. I must have tried over 10 different brands of skincare, and none of them seemed to work. Until…(insert drum roll here) Cetaphil Gentle skin cleanser came into my life! It is fragrance free and non-comedogenic, which essentially means it doesn’t block your pores. It is a really good cleanser for all types of skin; whether you have dry, sensitive, oily or combination skin and offers gentle cleansing without the irritation which is normally associated with harsh soaps and products. You can buy it from your local Superdrug or Boots, for just under a tenner! An absolute steal if you ask me!

cleanser blog post 5.JPG


When you’re one of the palest people to walk this earth, choosing the right shade of foundation can be a nightmare! One of my all time favourite foundations from No7 seems to do the trick. This No7 Beautifully Matte foundation has quite a velvety feel to the texture of the foundation, but is light as a feather on the skin. It’s also oil free and has an SPF of 15, which is great for when you go on holiday or you get that occasional sunny day in England (haha)! I find that just dotting a little bit of foundation where you need it most, usually on your cheeks, nose, chin and forehead and blending it in small circular motions does the trick! LESS IS MORE!

foundation blog post 5.JPG

What are your favourite makeup staples, tweet me @katie_baggott!

Until next time,

K x


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