5 secrets radio presenters will never tell you.

When I started my journalism degree at the University of Sunderland I never thought I would appear on radio or even think about becoming a radio presenter!

I had my heart set on writing when I started this degree. My love of writing stemmed from always writing short stories when I was younger, and the passion has stuck with me ever since.

It had never crossed my mind that I would enter the world of radio – but it’s funny where life takes you isn’t it!

So here are five secrets radio presenters will never tell you…

1. You really are just sitting in a room talking to yourself. It does take a special kind of person to sit in a room, talking to themselves and listening to their own voice for a few hours a day. A fellow radio presenter at Spark once said, ‘you have to be psychotic to work in radio’. It could drive a lot of people insane, but not us…we’re already insane.


2. There’s always a constant fear that a guest, or even the presenter will swear on air. Dropping the ‘f-bomb’ on radio is a big no no. No presenter needs or even wants to deal with that problem. However many radio stations will have a “dump” button that will remove the last few seconds of audio. 

panic button

3. Radio is a ultra competitive place to work in. Once you become an adult and get into the world of hunting for jobs, I guess anyone would say that any job is competitive. But in radio, everyone is chasing the best idea for a perfect link or a feature.

A link is what you say on air between the songs that are playing. Sounds easy, right?

As they say teamwork is dreamwork, but no matter how much of a ‘good friend’ you appear to be to your work colleagues, a part of you will still see the other presenters/producers as a radio rival.

challenge accepted gif

4. Quite a lot of preparation goes into making a one or two hour show work.

I bet many members of the public think that turning up to sit in a studio and talk on a radio show is an easy job. Well a lot of preparation goes into making a show work. You need to know how you are going to introduce a link, what you are actually going to talk about, your social media presence while on air, sell a song and keep the listener hooked by asking questions to the audience to name a few.

jim carrey gif

5. But most of the time, it is one of the best jobs ever.

Despite all the preparation and stress behind making a radio show work, it truly is the best job. I mean you get to play music and talk for a living, with your best friend as your producer! Even on the bad days it still is a lot of fun, once you get into the studio the world is your oyster and that is one of the many reasons I love working in radio.

blog post 2

Until next time,

K x


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